Welcome to FREEV6

FREEV6 is a passion project to offer free IPv6 services to the community, as we transition from IPv4 to IPv6 we  believe that as there is plentiful amounts of v6 we should be able to  share this with the next generation of network admins and hobby nets!

Supported by:

 Below are companies who offer IPv6 prefixes in support FREEV6.net

CompanyRegionFree V6 Prefix?Free Transit?


Free /48 however control over IRR and ROA for paid only, open ticket to change AS per prefix
KTT - (Discord: kjartann)


Free /40, contact on discord username "kjartann"
Native V6
RegionOffers IPV6 Space?Offers BGP?LIR Services?
HYEHOSTYESRIPEYESYESnoRIPE ipv6 space /48 $3/year, /36 $5/mo
F4 NETWORKSYESARIN/RIPEYESYESnoOffers AS1299 in KC, Offers IX and paid v4/v6
Divergent NetworksYESRIPEYESYESYESOffers RIPE AS Sponsoring from £30 **use code FREEV6 to get 25% off ASN £22.50 one time** ipv6 from £7 / year
Accuris HostingYESARINYESYESnoOffers AccurisIX ports, ARIN ipv6 from $7.99 / year
Lagrange CloudYESRIPEYESYESYESOffer RIPE AS Sponsoring from £25, RIPE ipv6 from £7 / year
Cloudie NetworksYESRIPE/ARINYESYESYESOffers ONIX & FREMIX, IP space from $5 / year,
iFogYESRIPE/APNIC/ARINYESYESYESOffers all services including AS registration, IX ports and more,
KTTYESRIPEYESnonoCurrently offering RIPE /36 for $7/m with delegation (Contact on discord: kjartann)
XenythYESRIPE/ARINYESYESYES(selective)Offers ONIX ports, /64 included for VMs and dedicated, Toronto only
SmishcraftYESRIPEnoYESnoOffers transit in many locations order HERE
ParadoxNetworksYESRIPE/ARINnoYESnoOffers FREMIX, ONIX, Linx & LONAP ports
SweHostingYESRIPEnoYESnoOffers both native v6 and BGP in the RIPE region (Stockholm, Sweden), IX ports on STHIX, SOL-IX & SONIX soon

Freev6.net offers this information with no  guarantee, and we do not represent the companies listed, companies do  not pay for listing and anyone can be added, please contact [email protected] to be added